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Donor Experience Consulting

Zeroing in on Creating Outstanding Donor Experiences

All too often, organizations can take a transactional approach to their relationship with donors. That is, the donors often (if not only) hear from the organization when the organization needs something, usually money. Let’s face it, no one likes to be treated like that. Donors are human beings, not ATMs.

We help organizations treat their donors better, creating partnerships with their donors by treating them like partners. We help organizations create delight for their donors, engaging them and involving them with the great work the organization is doing. When people give they want to be involved and we help organizations involve their donors more deeply, creating richer, more meaningful experiences for all involved.

How do we do it? With our Donor Experience Consulting, we help you tune every touch point, every interaction your organization has with your donors. We help you coordinate all of the disparate elements of your communication and relationship with donors into a cohesive symphony. We get everything pulling in the same direction, creating and reinforcing the idea that donors are valued beyond just their financial involvement. We help you earn better relationships, which yields vastly increased involvement, loyalty, and trust. It’s a fact, everyone wins when donors are treated better.

How would happier, more engaged donors elevate your organization?

Everyone knows that giving to a good cause feels good, but being part of a good cause feels amazing. We help organizations build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their donors, the benefits of which are myriad. More engaged donors not only give more, but are also stronger promoters, advocates, and partners to the organizations they are involved with.

We would love to chat with you about how we can help your organization connect more strongly with your donors. Past experience has taught us that a more vibrant, engaged donor-base does so much more than just increasing donations, and we would love to talk about how we can create similar results for you.


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Donor Experience (DX) Site Review


Per Website

A full review of your site's donor experience with a write-up and video walk-through. Gives you practical, do-able improvements to make your site's donor experience better. $249 for video-only and $399 for video + detailed write-up.

Donor Experience (DX) Consulting


Pricing Varies by Scope of Project

A thorough review of your donors' entire experience with your organization, including all interactions and relationship building opportunities.


Frequently asked questions

If I buy a site review, what happens next?

Once you have ordered your site review we will schedule the work on our end and give you an ETA. Typically, these can be completed within 2-3 business days. We'll be up-front with you and communicate exactly what you can expect.

Once the review is complete we will email the files to you (usually in the form of a write-up and walkthrough video).

What is included with DX Consulting?

In a word, everything. We review everything related to the donor experience of your organization. We review every interaction; including newsletters, websites, volunteering, social media, in-person tours, and live events. We provide an exhaustive review of all of the ways you are interacting with your donors, offering detailed strategies and advice on how to improve the entire donor experience of our organization.

Will my site review be featured on your site?

One of the service options (on the purchase page) is whether or not you would like your site review to be made public. If you make a mistake with this setting, just drop us a note.

A quick word about these reviews, if we may. Although it may seem like this is secret proprietary information, that's not really the case. Instead, we would really like you to consider making your review public for the simple reason that sharing good advice helps everyone. More charitable giving tends to lead to more charitable giving, and we want to be able to provide these site reviews to the entire nonprofit industry so that we can all learn from each other.

Is this work done remotely or do you come in-person?

Site reviews, due to their time/budget constraints are always done remotely. DX Consulting can go either way. Often, this is done remotely, which keeps the cost/timeline down. For some projects, though, that would uniquely benefit from in-person interaction, we are glad to send one of our experts to work with your staff on-site.

If there is travel necessary on your project we will communicate this up-front. Additionally, we will work with your team to schedule the engagement well ahead of time to ensure availability of all necessary staff and resources.

Is there a money-back guarantee with your service?

We don't want anyone to be unhappy, but obviously, we cannot "return" the time we spend working on projects. If you are unhappy, please contact us and let's talk about how to make things right.

We think we give really good advice, which often provides an amazing, overwhelming value to organizations. If this isn't the case, let us work with you to figure out how we can provide work that benefits your organization better.

What's your favorite color?


What can I expect to come from this work?

Of course, individual results are individual, but we are proud of the results we create for organizations. For site reviews, clients often see increases of 50%-100% (sometimes MUCH higher, we've seen increases of 600%) in their monthly online donations. For many organizations, that $500 investment ends up paying for itself in the first 30-60 days (or less).

For DX Consulting, the numbers are similar. We aim to provide 10X value with our work. That is, over the lifetime of our work's impact we want to see it payback ten times the amount invested. We call this "The 10X Rule" and it guides all of the work we do.

But, it's more than just raising more money. To us, raising more money is simply an indicator of better relationships. We help organizations form and maintain better relationships with their donors, which helps everyone.


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