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DXLabs is a small consultive agency with a singular focus, helping organizations improve the giving experience of their donors. We do this by offering Donor Experience DX Site Reviews, DX Consulting, and periodic trainings to organizations on how to improve the donor experience both on their websites as well as with every touch point their donors have with their organization.

We work with organizations large and small, with our specialty being small to mid-size organizations (with between $500,000 and $1,500,000 in annual giving).

Our experts have a deep background in the large-scale website and ecommerce world, utilizing their talents in experience design (both User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX)). Through decades of experience working with large web projects, our experts can help organizations with their digital relationships with their donors, thus increasing engagement, donations, and involvement.


The Who Behind DXLabs

Hi, My Name’s John and I Started DXLabs.org

The idea for DXLabs came from my experience serving on the board of a nonprofit. Getting to know others in similar sorts of roles with other organizations I was struck at how little was being done to craft an exceptional giving experience for donors. Having worked on web projects for nearly 20 years, it seemed to me that the lessons large/ecommerce websites have learned regarding user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) design could be repurposed to improve the Donor Experience (DX).

My first project was rebuilding the online donation process/pages for a local nonprofit. After one weekend’s of work, I was able to increase the online donations 600%. What I did wasn’t magical, I just followed the same rules and applied the same expertise I have on large website projects for over a decade. Except, this time, it wasn’t in the service of increasing corporate profits it was helping an organization I cared about to do more of their great work (and help more people).

It was in that project that it hit me. The same skills that are used to increase the bottom line for commercial web properties could be repurposed to help create more good in the world. From that, DXLabs was born. At DXLabs we have the sole focus of building better giving experiences, which in-turn helps organizations build vibrant, engaged relationships with their donors, which is good for everyone involved.



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