You want to make a difference. You find purpose in your work, and achieving greater and greater mastery in what you do brings meaning to you. Your work makes the world a better place and you find the greatest success in making other people successful.

This position is a core member of the DX Labs founding team, working to provide marketing/promotion services to nonprofit clients. Additionally, this position will lead the (ethical) marketing/promotion efforts for the company as a whole, working to connect with potential clients whom we can help create a meaningful impact. The model we approach client work with is creating a 10x impact. That is, working with them to boost the effectiveness of their online donation operations to create a gain of ten times what they were doing before. I believe the potential is there to achieve this, and much more. I’ve seen this through work that I have already done.

Like with all startups, this role isn’t for everyone. There’s some work to do before revenue starts flowing in, but the main pieces are in place. This role is for someone who wants to be on the founding team of a new business whose potential lies in not only business success, but also success in helping nonprofit organizations significantly grow in their abilities to help the populations they serve.

In a nutshell, I want to build a highly-capable team to help nonprofits take what the ecommerce world knows about creating and executing a stellar and delightful online experience and extend it to the world of online donations. This position is the first key role in building out that team.

So, who am I? I’ve been starting and running companies for nearly 20 years now and I know the potential to reinvent and reinvigorate an entire industry is there.

My motivation is pretty simple. Over the past few years I have transitioned the work my other company does in website design to nonprofit clients. Over that time, I’ve seen a lot of missed opportunities to make the online donation experience as frictionless as modern ecommerce transactions are. I’ve also seen a lot of missed opportunities for organizations to share their stories of real impact, to share in the gift of making a donation that truly helps other people and the world as a whole.

And, there’s lots of nonprofits out there. In my state (WA) alone there are 40,000 of them. Nationally, there are nearly 160,000 nonprofits with donations/grants of $500,000 or more.

OK, let’s talk about you for a second. Not only do you need to share in the values of a service-oriented focus, working to create maximum good for the clients you serve, but you need to be able to thrive in a highly autonomous work environment. This is a leadership role and it requires a background, and aptitudes, in communication, social media, PR, promotion, strategy, and project management. Specifically, you will need a background in working with nonprofit organizations, ideally in a promotional and/or strategic role.

This position is remote and thus will also require a high degree of self-motivation, organization, and creativity. The hours/schedule is flexible, with the focus being more on impact than time spent. This position will start out as part-time and is designed to grow into full-time this year. As a core member of the founding team, I am looking for someone to collaborate with as a peer, rather than as a subordinate.

This role is for someone who wants to help craft the form the business takes, who wants to take an active role in building an organization that creates maximum impact.

Compensation initially will be project-based. I believe in sharing profit and decision-making equitably with everyone. As this is a startup, revenue is not projected until early second quarter 2018. I have promotional activities already scheduled that are starting now and I would love to be able to collaborate with an expert on initial internal marketing strategy and execution. Going forward, I am a big fan of the co-op model for businesses and I see the sharing of profit and decision-making being a core value of the business.

If this sounds like you, and if this opportunity sounds like something that fits your experience and expertise, I would love to hear from you. Please apply below a resume/cover letter speaking to the qualities of this role (especially how your experience/aptitudes are a fit). Additionally, in your cover letter, please answer these three questions:

1. How do you think a better donor experience can empower an organization? An industry?
2. What reward(s) do you personally find in working in a service capacity with/for others?
3. What projects have you completed that enhanced the personal connections of nonprofit organizations?

DXLabs (DX is short for “Donor Experience”) is a small consultive and creative agency with a singular focus, helping organizations improve the giving experience of their donors. We do this by offering Donor Experience DX Site Reviews, DX Consulting, Complete DX Operations, and periodic trainings to organizations on how to improve the donor experience both on their websites as well as with every touch point their donors have with their organization. For more information on DX Labs, our website is: